MultiCorp Aviation’s full-service scope extends beyond the basics of general aviation sales. From studying your log books, becoming experts about your particular aircraft and representing your investment as if it were our own, every element is handled, taking the typical stress level out of the equation.

Selling an airplane is not as simple as placing a few photographs and a list of avionics on a popular aircraft sales website. MultiCorp Aviation constructs a detailed and thorough listing about the history and current state of your airplane.

Providing such a detailed description of your investment not only affords the opportunity for potential buyers to fully appreciate the product we are offering, it also allows for our team of experts to learn every aspect of your airplane; and in turn, we can provide quality responses that do not sound rehearsed or merely read from a specifications sheet.

Potential buyers recognize the difference between a broker who is simply listing an aircraft from a general specifications sheet and an aviation sales professional who has taken the time to fully master the specifications of their listings. By demonstrating a vast knowledge of our listed aircrafts, potential buyers welcome the opportunity for further discussion about our listings and as a result, trust that they are speaking to an expert about an investment they are about to make.

At MultiCorp Aviation, you can expect our team of experts to answer all communications 365 days per year and 24 hours a day. We measure our response time in minutes, not hours.

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