Purchase With Knowledge. Do it Right.

MultiCorp Aviation provides a buyers-advocate service guiding our clients through the acquisitions process.

Traditional brokers tend to push their listed airplanes onto their buyers regardless of whether it fits within their mission and long term investment goals.

We specialize in locating aircraft that best suit the needs of our clients through the use of conducting a feasibility study. Our team of experts closely monitor the industry for changes in the aircraft market, new aviation technology, maintenance updates, and changes in regulations.

MultiCorp Aviation performs the upfront research and analysis that is necessary to accurately identify aircraft which are capable of your mission, within budget, yet also provide for a sound investment.

Multicorp Aviation’s staff acclimates and caters to the needs of our clients. We can quickly adapt our service from those experienced buyers who have very specific aircraft needs, to those who are purchasing an aircraft for the very first time.

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