Manage With Our Expertise. Do it Right.

MultiCorp Aviation provides expert management, consulting, training, and pilot placement for companies and individuals seeking the benefits of a professional approach to their flight operations.

Safety is not limited to merely the highest spending flight departments. Studies have shown that the attitude in which an aircraft is managed and controlled is the largest factor of a safe operation. We can design, implement, and maintain a program for all types of aircraft servicing personal or business operations who wish to achieve this level of safety.

Not only does our expertise allow for a safer operating environment, it also saves time. MultiCorp Aviation manages and tracks maintenance events, places qualified individuals, and offers expert consultation on general operations while allowing you to simply arrive minutes prior to departure with no worries pertaining to the flight maintenance and operations.

In essence MultiCorp Aviation brings 26 years of aviation experience to your company, saving time and money, manage with our expertise without the hassle of hiring a dedicated flight department manager.